Behind the Scenes Film – Moon Language

October 16, 2016

Behind the Scenes – Moon Language

A look behind the scenes of Moon Language, a collaboration between Stopgap Dance Company,  Icknield School and Wellington Academy. It celebrates the 10th anniversary of The Lights, in Andover. Led by Choreographer Sibohan Hayes, the team created a performance inspired by some of the existing art work that features on the doors and walls of this creative hub.

Cass productions talked to the creative team, dancers, students and teachers throughout the process to capture the project development and clearly articulate the context of the piece.

The atmosphere and tone of the film is set by the use of slow motion and steadicam techniques.



Explainer Video – Future Cities Catapult

February 18, 2015

Explainer Video

Future Cities Catapult

We produced this explainer video for Innovate UK (Technology Strategy Board). The Future Cities Catapult is a government initiative that will join business, city governments and academia in a unique collaboration to enable businesses to develop products and services for the cities of the future. Innovate UK  asked us to produce an engaging animated film to explain challenging information in an accessible way for a variety of audiences. As well as being hosted on their website and used as part of a social media campaign, the film is also used at presentations and conferences.

Learn more about the Future cities Catapult here and see how they’ve integrated this explainer video into their website: Future Cities

Liz West – Artist Film

February 18, 2015

Artist Liz West has spent the past five years creating artworks that combine light and colour to spectacular effect. This artist film shows her as she prepared her piece ‘An Additive Mix’ for the Light Fantastic exhibition at the National Media Museum, an installation they have called ‘an intense, playful and immersive experience; combining hundreds of coloured lights and infinity mirrors.’

During the filming, we were able to get a preview ‘An Additive Mix’ as it comes together as well as talking to Liz about her practice and thought process when creating her work, ensuring it is an intense and emotional experience that encourages people to feel as well as to think. Liz explained in greater detail about the meaning behind the title  and her methods in an interview with the National Media Museum:

“The artist and teacher Joseph Albers wrote a very comprehensive study on colour called Interaction of Colour in 1963. He describes that there are two types of colour mixtures – subjective colour mixtures and additive mixtures. Subjective mixtures are created when you mix all colours together in pigment (such as paint or dye) and additive mixtures are mixes of colour in light.  When you mix all colours together in pigment it creates a muddy brown, but when you mix all colour together in light it makes white light – which I find incredible. It is Joseph Albers’ book which inspired the concept for this work.

I started thinking about what materials I would use, the different light sources, but one of my biggest concerns was making something that was aesthetically stunning. I started thinking about arrangements, thinking about what was going to be displayed in the rest of the gallery, imagining myself as a viewer coming into the experience, thinking about what I’d want to see upon entering it.”


History Animation – Medieval Leicester

February 18, 2015

History Animation

Medieval Leicester Animation

We have produced a short history animation detailing Leicester’s medieval past that is being shown as part of an exhibition at the Guidlhall Gallery in Leicester. We speculatively put in a tender for this fascinating project and were delighted to be chosen to deliver it. We used a mixture of quirky hand-drawn images and key-frame animation to bring the history of Medieval Leicester to life. As well as the full animation, which can be seen at the Guildhall, we also produced this trailer to help promote the exhibition.

More details about the exhibition can be seen here:

We regularly work with public sector organisations to produce engaging video content. We have a particular speciality in working with arts and cultural organisations.

Exhibition Animation – How Not To Mill

February 18, 2015

Exhibition Animation

How Not To Mill

This exhibition animation is a short extract from a new exhibition at the restored Bursledon Windmill site in Hampshire. We have built an enviable reputation for producing high quality films and animations for a variety of museums and cultural centres, including Leicester Museum, Milestones Museum, The Sea City Gallery Southampton and Gosport Discovery Centre. We regularly work with Hampshire Cultural Trust as well as a large number of other arts and heritage organisations throughout the United Kingdom.

We have a talented production team that can produce the entire animation in-house. This includes producers, illustrators, animators, scriptwriters, editors, composers and graphic designers. Call us on 023 8065 2220 if you would like to discuss your requirements. We are competitively priced and have vast experience on working on this type of project as well as a clear appreciation of the value of arts and culture. As well as being exhibition animation specialists we also produce heritage and arts documentaries for a variety of organisations.

Check out this teaser trailer we produced for an interactive museum exhibition at Milestones Museum: Mystery at Milestones

Campaign Film – One Punch Can Kill

February 18, 2015

One Punch Can Kill

Campaign Film

Back in 2011, We were commissioned to produce a hard-hitting campaign film for the Safer Portsmouth Partnership and Hampshire Constabulary. This dynamic and affecting short film is part of a campaign that aims to reduce the worrying levels of alcohol related violence in the night time economy of Portsmouth. The film uses a mixture of real life footage, re-enactments and hand drawn animation in a docu-drama style. The campaign film for ‘One Punch Can Kill’ has been running on YouTube and has over 20,000 views. It has also been picked up by a number of campaigners and police forces worldwide and reached a huge audience as part of a number of large campaigns to increase awareness and educate members of the public about the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption.

On May 5th 2009, local resident Kyle Bartlett was left fatally injured after an alcohol-fuelled fight in the Walkabout Bar in Portsmouth. His mother, Anne Bartlett, supported by the Safer Portsmouth Partnership has been campaigning to reduce alcohol related violence in the night time economy through education in schools/colleges and through the education of licensees, bar staff and door staff. Kyle’s family also run their own One Punch Can Kill website and campaign in his memory.
This campaign film was produced with the backing of Anne Bartlett. More details about Anne and her son Kyle can be found here.

Over the past 15 years we have also produced a series of other campaign films over topics such as drink-driving, drug-driving, and the dangers of smoking whilst pregnant for clients such as the NHS, Southampton City Council and Hampshire Youth Offending Team. Whilst working on these films, we have demonstrated our ability to produce content for an effective, informative and sensitive campaign film.

Museum Installation Film – Artists Rifles

February 18, 2015

Museum Installation Film

Artists Rifles – In Their Own Words

We produced this museum installation film as part of Hampshire’s Big Theme, commemorating the start of the First World War. The film uses a number of innovative film-making techniques including hand-drawn animation, photo manipulation and key-frame animation. All of the animation and effects were completed by our in-house illustrators and designers. The film was shown in Southampton Art Gallery, The Willis Museum and Gosport Discovery Centre and is now featured on the council’s YouTube page and Big Theme website. The film was also used in a number of schools to visually illustrate some of the important artistic work that was produced in the First World War. It includes work by Paul and John Nash, William Holman Hunt, Edward Thomas and Wilfred Owen.

Theatre Trailer – ShadyJane

February 18, 2015

Theatre Trailer


This theatre trailer was produced for ShadyJane for their theatrical piece based on the missing case of Virginia Woolf – in the ladies toilets! This was a particularly interesting piece of work, offering unique challenges from a filmmaking point of view due to the unusual location, but one which we really enjoyed and are particularly pleased with. We were previously based at The Point in Eastleigh and have a fantastic working relationship with a number of dance and theatre companies and arts organisations throughout the UK.

Heritage Documentary – Bursledon Windmill

February 18, 2015

Heritage Documentary

Burseldon Windmill Restoration

As part of the restoration of Bursledon Windmill, we have produced a series of films, including this Heritage documentary, to celebrate the windmill’s 200th anniversary. The repair work took two years and included the production and installation of a new windshaft and replacement sails. Hampshire Cultural Trust commissioned us to produce this short documentary to record the restoration and we also produced a series of animations for young visitors to the site. We have an excellent reputation for producing engaging, sensitive video content for heritage organisations.

Check out a small section of our animated film that is being shown in the visitor centre: Exhibition Animation.

Bursledon Windmill was built in 1814, replacing an earlier tower mill which was built in 1766.The machinery of the earlier mill was incorporated into the new mill.In 1814, the mill was mortgaged for £800 for six years. The mill was sold by the mortgagees in 1820.The mill was working until the 1880s. John Cove and his family worked this mill between 1847 and 1871. The UK census shows he had worked a mill in Portsmouth and originally came from Wiltshire. He and his wife Susannah Emmett both came from Wiltshire and are responsible for the nearly all the Cove family in southampton. His daughter Mary married a Jarvis and ran the Jolly Sailor public house in Hamble one of his other daughters ran a market garden at the end of Windmill Lane and his son John Cove became a farm labourer.

Evaluation Film – Curve YAE

February 18, 2015

Evaluation Film

Curve Young Arts Entrepreneurs

This evaluation film was commissioned by Curve, Leicester. We have been documenting the Curve Y.A.E. project over the past 3 years and this evaluation film looks at the project as a whole.  Curve Young Arts Entrepreneurs (YAE) is a training programme that enables young people from Leicestershire to develop their performing arts based ideas and projects into sustainable business and employment. We also produced individual films for each of the 3 years, that were used for promotional purposes as well as a useful video evaluation tool for organisers and funders.

The Young Arts Entrepreneur (YAE) programme offers people between the age of 16 and 25 the chance to design and lead their own community arts projects, and maybe launch their own businesses. As well as support, training and mentoring, Curve offered up to £1000 to run each successful project.

The YAE scheme was led by a Steering Group of young people; one of the group’s members, Verity Bartesch (22) said:

“This is a fantastic chance for young people from our area, and a great way for us to create some real benefits to our communities. We know how many gifted and creative young people are out there, from all different backgrounds. All we need is for them to get involved”.

Iain Gillie, Curve’s Executive Producer said:

“Curve is an inspiring, creative place at the heart of our community. The YAE programme gives us the chance to increase our work with young people, supporting them to make a big difference to their lives, and the lives of others”.