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Animated Music Video Production – You Make Me Feel

February 18, 2015

Animated Music Video Production

You Make Me Feel

This animated music video production takes it’s inspiration from classic film artwork and features scanned hand-drawn images, coloured and manipulated in Photoshop and After-Effects.This is the official video for the track ‘You Make Me Feel’ by Hundred Strong featuring Pete Simpson. Hundred Strong is the pseudonym of Bristol beatsmith Ben Dubuisson. We love making music videos and are happy to work with completed ideas/storyboards or devise the entire concept ourselves as with this music video. We are based in Hampshire but have worked with a number of groups and artists throughout the UK. We also have vast experience of filming live shows and concerts.

Here is an interview from K Mag around the time of the release:

How would you describe your approach to making music?

Whatever I feel has some kind of soul usually makes it to the stage where I put forward tracks for vocalists. I work in a pretty much old school hip hop way but bring it up to date using Protools. When I have a beat I am happy with, I think about who might suit it and then, if the singer likes the beat, we get things moving. I tend not to make stuff that is aimed at any particular market, I just try and feel each track.

Talk us through the tracks your forthcoming EP…

The EP features remixes of two of the Amp Fiddler tracks from the LP. The first remix is a lush dubstep influenced rework of title track Stylin Free by London producer Duffstep. He definitely takes the track to a different place with layered synth sounds and choppy beats. The second set of remixes are by Swedish deep house producer Andreas Saag. He delivered a really deep NYC sounding version of Time, another track featuring Amp Fiddler. I particularly like the Deeper Dub mix which has a real spaced out feel. In both cases the remix completely change the original fairly organic sound to a more electronic take.

Did you have any say in the choice of remixers?

The remixers were open to discussion but the label manager suggested the two remix producers and I was very happy with the results.

Tell us more about your forthcoming album, what did you have in mind when you made it?

Really carrying on from the original question I wanted to make some beats with real soul. I know that is a hard thing to define but I think most music should move you and as a producer you need to put something of yourself in to each track. I love slightly disjointed beats and quite minimal production. My own style is still hip hop based beats but that doesn’t mean I didn’t listen to everything from Dilla to Axelrod to Mogwai to get inspiration.

Tell us about some of the people you worked with on it…

The singers I worked with really bought the project alive. Long time collaborator J Todd from Milwaukeee laid down his tracks a while ago while staying with me in Bristol. The rest of the vocals were laid down via the internet and many Skype conversations. For example, it was great chatting with Detroit soul legend Amp Fiddler and a real treat getting the vocals back and hearing the track come to life. Other collaborators were Joseph Malik from Scotland who I have worked with in the past, Holly Backler from Australia who has a really understated voice and Pete Simpson who I think really understood the concept of the LP with his track You Make Me Feel. Finally, there was one MC and this was Serocee from London. He has great delivery and very interesting lyrics. I guess working with Roots Manuva and Toddla T has given him some great background.

What else have you been working on recently?

I’m always working on new beats and looking for hook ups with singers. I have also been producing some tracks for other singers including a female singer from Austria. People have also started to ask me to produce and mix their own tracks. I have built up a style and way of working over the years and it feels good when other people seem to appreciate that. It is also good working on other people’s tracks as it gives you an insight into how other people put tracks together and it also makes a change from writing and producing my own stuff the whole time.

Music Video – LST

February 17, 2015

Music Video


This music video was created as part of a Wessex Youth Offending Team arts project with funding from Find Your Talent. LST is a Southampton-born artist with a vocation to inspire peace and consciousness through his music. He is perhaps best described as a Lyricist, MC and vocalist. The video features recreations of some classic album covers and is a mixture of live footage and animation.


For more information on the Youth Offending Team visit there site here 

Music Video – WorriedAboutSatan

February 17, 2015

Music Video


Don’t be put off by the name in this music video. They may sound like a heavy metal thrash band, but worriedaboutsatan are in fact a 2-piece electronica band from Leeds/Manchester that produce lush, cinematic music to die for. In collaboration with Kontrast Productions,  produced a music video to accompany their luscious track ‘You’re in my Thoughts’, taken from their debut album ‘Arrivals’. As well as filming and editing the video and providing the visual effects, we also developed the whole concept.

Music Video – Stylin’ Free

February 16, 2015

Music Video

Hundred Strong ft Amp Fiddler – “Stylin’ Free”

We were delighted to be asked to produce an animated music video for this funky track by Bristol beatsmith Hundred Strong. The track is called Stylin’ Free and features legendary soul/funk artist Amp Fiddler. We used a combination of hand drawn illustration, Adobe Flash and Adobe After FX to create this innovative music promo.


You can listen to more on Hundred Strong’s music here