Animated Corporate Film – Appello

An animated corporate film is a great way of presenting information to customers, in a clear, concise and entertaining way. We have worked closely with the team at Appello previously to produce films that showcase their personal alarm services.

This current project has a simple design concept with warm, friendly characters that reflect the approachable nature of the company.  We also made sure to present the product as easy to use and discreet.

The animation style we chose reinforces Appello’s brand, by using the signature colours of grey and orange. The animated bear family that feature in the film can also continue to be used in future promotional projects for the company.

Appello monitoring services have kept people safe and reassured their families for more than 25 years. Over 150,000 people in the UK are now leading healthier, happier and safer lives well into later life, thanks to a little behind the scenes help.

They have the infrastructure, robust quality procedures and an expert and committed team, who work day and night to give customers the service they deserve, demand and expect.

Everything they do is measured against the highest benchmarks in customer service, product integrity, service value and recognised or accredited by top industry accreditations.

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