LEE Filters

Instructional films

Instructional films are a great way of showcasing your product and ensuring that customers make the best use of their purchase. We use techniques such as aerial filming, slo-mo, and timelapse to make films informative and engaging.

LEE Filters is one of the industry leaders in precision products for photographers, cinematographers, lighting designers and architects.  They partnered with Cass Productions to produce a strand of videos for their Youtube channel and website. These include:

Masters of Photography – A video series from LEE Filters presenting Master Photographers discussing three images that have special meaning for them.

In Conversation – LEE Filters present David Noton and Joe Cornish in conversation. David Noton and Joe Cornish are respected travel and landscape photographers with a wealth of experience and stunning portfolios

LEE Camera Filters product films – Professional landscape photographer Joe Cornish has been using LEE filters for over 20 years and here on location he explains the fundamentals of the system.

You can view there website here Lee Filters